Popular Battle Royale Game Genre has Garena Free Fire Reigning Supreme

Though it might not be the oldest in terms of game categories, it has already been around for a significant time. The blend of action, exploration, and hunting for material and equipment appear to be the perfect combination for an all-around exhilarating game. The first “battle royale” game is probably Bomberman which was published in the 90s, but the genre was only ever able to establish its core concept due to the Japanese action thriller 2000s film Battle Royale. Because of the movie, the type of what a battle royale game would be was eventually formed.

Today, the genre has persisted and has become one of the most popular games in recent history. Garena Free Fire is one such game that was able to capitalize the intense popularity of the game style which resulted to it being the most downloaded game in 2019. Even though the gaming market is rank with the genre, Garena Free Fire was still able to achieve this feat.

Garena International, a gaming giant, developed Garena Free Fire - an online battle arena game using third person shooting perspective. It was released on September 30, 2017 solely on its mobile platform. Despite the fact that its launch was in 2017, Garena Free Fire is still wildly popular even to this very day. With its 500 million downloads and over a billion dollar profit, Garena Free Fire is certainly “at the top of its game”. Garena Free Fire was able to achieve all these things by making itself unique in a lot of ways.

Perhaps the defining characteristic of Garena Free Fire are its game modes which is the essence of in-game excitement. One of the first things that sets it apart is the speed of the game. The battle against 50 players in a small island, of course, results in shorter yet more tension inducing games. Moreover, you will find three maps that the playerscan select. One more mode is Clash Squad, a 2-team 7 round battle where the teams are composed of 4 members each. free fire game is a mode where players have to choose between Bringers and Liberi and achieve missions.

Possibly the game’s most defining feature is the playable characters in the game. Most of the time, especially in other battle royale games, the modification of one’s character is fixed. Generally, these customizing powers are only available with regards to gender or cosmetic items. The 24 characters that are available in Garena Free Fire is what made the game an exceptional one. Apart from their great number, the 24 characters also have distinct capabilities that can be used to one’s advantage depending on the usage.

Sometimes, achievements happen not because you are the only one in the game. Sometimes, you just have to re-invent yourself in such a way that anyone would choose your product over all its other competitors. That is precisely what happened to Garena Free Fire. The game found the best recipe of excitement, trendiness, and expert mobile game development that allows easy playing, addictiveness, and full immersion.